What Does SMH Mean?

1With the progress of internet, we have all come across a couple of acronyms, which was not present there before. Additionally, internet slang changes so quickly, most of us have a tough time keeping up with it. And this is why when you see acronyms like ‘#SMH’ on your Facebook wall, you might think ‘what does SMH mean’ or to be more specific what does SMH mean on Facebook, because sometimes meaning change when you are using it in a different context.

What does SMH mean ? | What does SMH Stand for ?

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Even if you did not have these questions previously, you’d have them now. Your questions or rather your curiosity can increase rapidly. And soon you’d be asking people questions like ‘how do you pronounce SMH’ or ‘Is SMH something cool kids use’ or ‘where can you use SMH’, or ‘what is the reply of ‘SMH’, and so on.

SMH Definition:

So, let’s start off with the meaning of SMH. SMH stands for shake my head. Since when you are chatting, you cannot actually shake your head, or the person who is on the other hand of the chat cannot see and understand that you are really angry or frustrated or saying no, it’s better to use an expression to make sure that the person understands. So, in short SMH is used to express your feeling.

what does SMH mean,SMH meaning,what does SMH stand for,SMH means,SMH definition,what does SMH mean in slang

What Does SMH Mean in text?

Well, by now you might have understood what does SMH mean in text. In case you don’t, it means shake my head, and it is used to show your feelings to the other person in the chat.

Now, what does SMH mean in language? Well, as you know, you can express your feelings in many ways. You can type in all caps, or you can use abbreviations or acronyms like LOL, lMAO, MYOB or so on. In the same way, SMH can also be used to express your feelings. It is used to express your denial or dissatisfaction. You can use SMH even in formal chat, in different situations, depending on how you want to express your displeasure.

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What Does SMH mean in slang?

If you are dissatisfied with something, or want to show your disbelief, or your anger or your disapproval, you can use SMH. Additionally, if you see something as ridiculous or plain stupid, you can also use the term SMH without any doubt.

So, why should you use acronyms like HMU, SMH or LOL? For starters, it helps you to type less and express more. Yes, you can do it with emoticons, but if you can express it using texts, it keeps the conversation on track.

What Does SMH mean on Facebook?

Additionally, if you are using a website or a platform, where your input character count is restricted, you need to use abbreviated version of the common terms, so that you can fit in what you want to say. For example, Twitter, a microblogging site, has a character limit of 140 characters, and if you want to use a full sentence, you would need to use shorthand notation. The acronyms and abbreviations come in handy in such a case.

what does smh mean,what does smh mean in texting,what does smh mean on facebook,what does smh mean on Instagram

SMH in Facebook, which is a social media means shake my head, which is used to show your disapprove in case of certain stuff or action. You can either do that, or if you think that the person is too stupid, use face palm to make sure that the person understands. SMH is not an emoticon, yet it expresses your feelings perfectly.

What Does SMH mean on Instagram?

To be honest, when it comes to internet slangs, they change quite frequently. If you Google what does SMH mean in internet slang, you’d have the answer as ‘Shake my head’..  If you Google ‘what does SMH mean on Instagram’, you’d have the same answer. However, if you ask what does SMH mean in real life, the answer is not fixed.

Why? This is because what acronyms you are using depends not only on the common meaning, but also between the persons having conversations. If both of you understand and use the same abbreviation, it can be an acronym you both can use on different occasions. For example, the acronym of ‘laugh out loud’ is LOL.

what does smh mean,what does smh mean in texting,what does smh mean on facebook,what does smh mean on Instagram

However, many people use LOL as the shortened version of ‘lots of love’. Although this might not be an internet slang, yet it can be an accepted acronym or meaning of LOL for people who understand, and are willing to use it as such.

On the other hand, when you are considering the meaning of SMH, make sure that there is no reference to place or any proper noun in the conversation. Why? This is because while you might not think, the other person can develop an acronym like SMH for St. Mary’s Hospital.

So, you see in this case, even if SMH means something else, you might use it in the conversation and both of you will get confused. So, if you are using it be careful, because otherwise there might be problems later on. On the other hand, if someone is using the acronym ‘SMH’ out of context, you might need to ask that person what does SMH stand for, to get an idea of why he/she is using that.

Should You Be Careful While Using SMH?

The answer is yes, you should be. Any acronym, can be used as an internet slang, and as such, overuse of any word or phrase can make it look odd, and uncool. Yes, you might want to make yourself popular by staying up to date with the latest trends.

However, you need to make sure that you are not overusing it or making it an internet cliché. This will not only make you look bad in front of others, but will also make it harder for you to use proper vocabulary when the time comes.

Yes, it is cool to use normal internet slangs like SMH or lol, but you cannot use it all the time, with everyone around you. You’d need to use formal languages too, which everyone can use and understand.

Another valid reason why you should be careful while using SMH is because not many people know about it. Yes, you might be tech savvy and have researched the common internet slangs a bit more than others.

what does smh mean,what does smh mean in texting,what does smh mean on facebook,what does smh mean on Instagram

However, if you go in front of a person, and say SMH, he/she will keep thinking ‘what does SMH mean’, and why that person did say that to me. Well, in these cases, it is better to shake your head physically instead of using the acronym, because otherwise people might think you a weirdo.

When it comes to internet slangs like SMH or LOL, they are generally used in texts or internet chats. So, a person who is not knowledgeable about anything might ask you what does SMH mean in slang or text. Thus, before you use it, make sure you explain it to the person, or use it only when you are sure the person on the other hand knows it.

Common Internet Slang Acronyms of Texting

With time, the internet language evolves, and new meaning comes in. For example, the term BFF is used to mean best friends forever, however, some experts believe that the acronym is evolving and soon it might mean something  new. If you are confused about the acronyms, or the internet slangs, here are some of the most common internet slangs noted down for you.

  • LOL = laugh out loud
  • SMH = shake my head
  • OMG = oh my god
  • TBH = to be honest
  • IMO = in my opinion
  • GTG = got to go
  • LMK = let me know
  • BTW = by the way
  • BRB = be right back
  • AMA = ask me anything
  • TTYL = Talk to you later
  • SSDD = same stuff different day
  • CYT = see you tonight

what does smh mean,what does smh mean in texting,what does smh mean on facebook,what does smh mean on Instagram

Source: Tone of Voice

So, as you can see, most acronyms or the internet slangs are derived by shortening the words. In general, people use the first letters of each of the words and put them together. So, if ever, you are confused about the derivation or the meaning of the acronym, all you need to look for is the words that form with the first letters, and is meaningful or fits in the phrase.

On the other hand, whenever you are using the acronyms, make sure that the other person understands you. If both of you know the language you are speaking about, you can frame your own acronyms, which no one will understand. For example, GF might mean girlfriend for others, but for you it might mean gone fishing.

History of SMH:

So, now that you know a lot about SMH, do you know how or why it originated? Like every other language, English also has changed over the decade. Just  a couple of years ago, this term was limited only to written communication, meaning you wouldn’t have found people speaking SMH.

Now people generally write whatever they want to convey or what someone else is doing, and they put words like SMH to include or show that they are displeased. On the other hand, the receiver reads the message, and can understand what the sender is feeling. Or in case of a text, he/she might know that the sender is displeased with it, or doesn’t feel like the text or the piece of information holds value or the action performed (which has been explained in the text) is stupid.

Since the evolution of internet language is still on, SMH can also mean a side eye or an eye roll. In fact, depending on the text that you are sending, SMH can also be abbreviated to smacking your brow with your hand, or a face palm sign in some cases, where it is available. Additionally, it might happen that while you are writing down SMH, you are actually shaking your head unintentionally, and then you want the other person to know about it.

So, now that you know about SMH in details, let’s deal with one of the more common internet phrases, which is still used by a large percentage of netizens. The word or the abbreviation is HMU. Now, your question might be what does HMU mean in text language. Well, the answer is simple, it means ‘hit me up’. However, the meaning might not be as simple as you think it is.

What does SMH mean in text language?

What does HMU mean in Text 2

As you know HMU means hit me up, and it is commonly used in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Whatsapp. Generally, when you want someone to get in touch with you, you use the acronym ‘Hit me Up’. You can also use it when you are planning something and have an update to share with multiple people.

So, for example, if you were planning an excursion, and two of the guys were busy in that, they might say ‘hit me up when you decide’. This means, you need to inform them of the plans when you completely decide, and are moving on with the next step.

Like always, there can be several meanings of HMU. However, the most common  one is the slang for ‘I need you to get in touch with me’ or ‘please contact me’, where you are using the colloquial or the vernacular format of the normal words. This can be good for lobbies, or in a friendly meeting, where everyone is informal.

When you are writing the acronym, make sure you use small letters like ‘HMU’. This is because when you use all caps, it is impolite, and denotes that you are shouting at the person who is reading that post. So now that you know about the conventional and the most commonly used meaning of hit me up, lets have a look at the uncommon or unconventional meaning of the acronym HMU.

  • Hot man underpants
  • Hug my uterus
  • Hot musty underarms
  • Hold my unicorn
  • Hefty male urethra
  • Hump my umbrella
  • Horrible maroon urine
  • Hide my unicorn
  • Hanna Montana’s Uranium
  • Hold my underboob
  • Hot messy underwear

Nowadays you can see a lot of conversations which use the acronym. For example

Person 1: Hey mate, where have you been?

Person 2: I was out of town on a business deal. Just returned today. Are you available for a quick beer?

Person 1: Sure, why not? HMU with the time and place.

As you can see in the above conversation snippet, hit me up can have different context. As with English language, there are different variations and different meanings associated with each word, and phrase, and HMU or SMH is not a difference.

In the present times, when you are communicating using the smartphone, you would need briefness, and to type first. Here briefness means using as concise text as possible, so that you can save your time typing that up. However, if you type up long phrases and sentences, you might have an issue with the type.

Additionally, there are chances of making typing errors, which might make the sentence meaningless. So even one word sentences get shortened to two letters for ease of use. For example, instead of nevermind, we always type nm, to save up the time and the effort required to type such word.


At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you stay updated with all the internet slangs, which can be used to express the beliefs and thoughts easily. Yes, the internet language is rapidly changing, however, among that SMH and hmu are the two acronyms, which remain unchanged presently and will remain so for quite some time. Why? This is because they are used more frequently.


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